Mary Einbinder is a NYU Graduate student in International Relations, Diplomacy and Law. She graduated with a B.A in History from the American University of Paris. She is French and American and lived most of her life in Paris. She is currently living in NYC.

The project:

Internet freedom is violated in many countries. Living in the U.S, I have the chance to be able to express myself through this blog and to defend my opinions. This project wil analyze an existing campaign for the protection of freedom of expression and privacy in the Information and Communications sector; GNI (Global Network Initiative). 

The initiative is mostly interested in Internet freedom and privacy and helps companies fight government pressures. The campaign is a global multistake-holder group of companies, civil society organizations, investors and academics.

Internet has created opportunities to share information and opened paths for activists, journalists and individuals around the world to organize and communicate. Using this technology to blog about Internet freedom I hope to show the importance of freedom of speech and privacy.

Thank you for reading,

Mary Einbinder