Rebecca MacKinnon’s new book, Consent of the Networked describes freedom of expression on the Internet.

Is Internet a means of public expression and political liberation or is it a force that plays with privacy and freedom of speech?

In many countries, access to the World Wide Web is restricted by repressive political regimes.

The author expresses the question of “how technology should be structured and governed to support the rights and liberties of all the world’s Internet users.”

Rebecca MacKinnon has a background in international journalism, is the co-founder of the citizen media network Global Voices, Chinese Internet censorship expert and Internet freedom activist. She opens the debate on the dilemmas faced by netizens (citizens of the net), governents and corporations to structure and regulate freedom of speech on the Internet. Through the Global Network Initiative, she uses accountability politics in encouraging government demands that are consistent with international laws and standards of freedom of expression.

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